ALWAYS BELIEVE: Didier Drogba Rekindles Nostalgic Champions League win Memories Ahead of 2021 Finals.

On 19th May in 2012, Didier Drogba was the hero as Chelsea beat Bayern Munich to win their first Champions League. The win came at a time when the team was experiencing downtimes but as Drogba notes, this inspired them to win the coveted trophy.

In 9 days time, Chelsea could win their second Champions League trophy and Drogba penned this to inspire the team.

“After the manager was sacked, we, the players decided to give everything to this competition despite the 3-1 defeat against Napoli. We had a meeting where Terry, Lampard, Cech and other leaders of the team took charge and we all decided to put our egos aside.

After the meeting, I asked Mata “Please Maestro, help me win the Champions League.” He looked at me and said ‘Man, you’re crazy. You’re Didier Drogba, You’re gonna help us win’ I then told him that I’ve been here for 8-years and never won it and I believe you’re the one who’s gonna help us win.

Three months later, we were in Munich. Last minute (83rd minute), last corner, I mean first corner for us against eighteen for Bayern Munich. Guess who took that corner kick… Juan Mata”

Mata took the kick and Droba Scored the Goal


There is no doubt that Drogba is the Chelsea legend and the looming Final against Manchester City rekindled his good times at the blues. As the finals near, all eyes are focused on the two strong English teams on which will emerge victorious.

Chelsea Team that won the championship League in 2012

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