Coalition of Hang-Ons: Okoa Kenya Alliance Dependence on BBI Degrading them.

As a region, it is worrisome watching the unfoldings in view of succession politics.It is because of this that I support the formation of DAP-K Party that embrace talking to each other rather than at each other.

The intrigues of OKA which we subscribe to are deep and defining.

With the BBI stalemate in courts, it remains unclear how OKA will navigate itself through this political mess going forward. I see a total infusion in its obvious outdated strategy.They have sguandered alot of their dear opportunities in the past and I don’t see them recover in the near future.

One renowned Germanese novelist once opined that it is always safer to use any chance that avails itself and extemporized a procedure to fit it than wait for a good chance to mature and look for an opportune time to use it. History is primitive and rude; it will pass a harsh judgment to our leaders who have wasted their electorates.

OKA lacks a political culture.In the words of Peter fedinand Drucker ( 1909-2005), a culture eats strategy for its breakfast.It defines character and behaviour. A culture is layered in the hearts of its inhabitants in terms of perceptions, emotions, respect and opinions.OKA is characterized with wrangles, goonism, corruption and governance challenges. This frustrates their touch on the electorates.

OKA has no clear destination and hence can’t tell if it is lost.You can’t get lost if you don’t know your destination.It composes of Hon Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Gideon and Wetang’ula all of whom have no social cetificates and political bedrooms in their own backyards. Besides, all of them are vulnerable and political beggars.You can not therefore rely on them for our political posturing.

OKA is playing it deep, defensive and weirdly.While other parties are retreating to the drawing board, OKA is waiting just to be told where to place their coin.Should they be accepted in the political outfit which is obviously in the offing, the best they can get is to play the second fiddle.

This will cost them atleast another ten ( 10) years to come out in the cocoon.No party formation has such patience and hence it behooves upon us to explore clear and cheap options going forward.

This leaves western Kenya an orphaned region with weak political parties. As a region that has greatly been on the forefront in democracy and contributing to the political space of the country, this may call for new political vehicle to carry the aspirations of the community.

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