Kenya Secures Emergency food and Non Food Aid for Volcano victims in DR Congo.

The Kenyan Government has donated tonnes of food products and non food items to DRC to assist the people of Goma who were affected by the recent volcanic eruption.

The volcanic eruption of Mount Nyiragoro left thousands of families displaced and exposed to hunger.

The Ambassador of Kenya to DRC Dr.George Masafu pointed out the importance of the intervention and the bond between the two countries.

“Kenya and DRC are now Siamese twins.The bilateral relationships signed by the two countries during the visit by President Uhuru Kenyatta saw the two countries develop even deeper relationships.The Food aid is a welcome gesture of good neighbourhood.”Said Ambassador Masafu.

The Food aid was received by the current governor of Goma who thanked the Kenyan government for extending help after many families were devastated by the catastrophe.

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