Ambassador Masafu Condemns growing culture of political violence in Bungoma, Calls for Media protection

Kenya’s Ambassador to DR Congo Dr. George Masafu has condemned the growing drums of political war in Bungoma county. The violence pitting the county Governor Wycliffe Wangamati, MPs and MCAs seems to escalating on every platform.

Lately, the Governor is accused of bribing an editor of a local station to kill the story and threatening the news reporter Jimmy simiyu. The matter has already been brought to the attention of theedia Council of Kenya and the police for investigation.

In a state, Masafy who is also a media owner with West FM and other stations, he has called for political tolerance and protection of journalists, their work and their independence.

“I strongly and political condemn the growing culture of political violence that has been witnessed in the county in the recent past.The acts of violence retard development and are a stain on our county’s image as a bastion of peace and tranquility.

Those responsible for the shameful acts of violence and especially before families paying last respects to their loved ones must be held to account.

I share a belief in the importance of finding common ground to solve problems as we seek to serve people and communities.

And while our political views may vary,we all share a common belief that safeguarding the development,health,and security of our county is our primary goal.

As we face the most dire global health emergency that has threatened our economy and livelihoods,it is the time to unite and support government at all levels to consolidate our gains for a more prosperous society.

To our duly elected leaders, I urge you to lead from the front in preaching peace and lead our people to focus on development.I encourage you to listen to diverse voices.I call on you to repair our social fabric and help our democracy live up to its ideals.Let us stand together to move our county forward and increase opportunity for all who call it home.”

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