Kisumu National Polytechnic closed following Students election chaos

The Kisumu National Polytechnic has been closed for 14 days after chaos erupted when the management called off planned student elections.

According to the school management, the elections were called off over COVID-19 fears, this however did not go down well with the students.

The students went on rampage asking why the elections day was being held to the spotlight while lecturers are on full-time daily basis.

“The polytechnic is hereby closed with immediate effect for 14 days following the uncontainment of the situation witnessed today June 25, 2021,” read the memo.

“This was as a result of the postponement of the student’s KINAPOSA Elections following the review of the COVID-19 containment measures issued by the Ministry of Health on June 18, 2021.”

It further added: “All trainees are requested to vacate the polytechnic premises with immediate effect.”

“Following the unrest by the students witnessed today Monday 3/2/2020, it has been decided that the institution be closed with immediate effect,” read a memo released by then governing council President Chanzu Lomolo.

Learning was paralyzed in the institution as the students engaged police in running battles.

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