Governor Ojaamong endorses Deputy Mulomi for Busia County 2022

As 2022 elections beckon, 2nd term Governors to be positioning those they deem better to succeed them. In Busia County, Governor Sospeter Ojaamong has officially declared he will back his Deputy Mulomi for the coveted seat. In a post on his social media handle, the governor highlighted that it was only fair to reward his loyal lieutenant.

“I have settled on my deputy, H.E Moses Mulomi as the next Governor of Busia County.

I have worked with my deputy since 2017 and his tolerance and dedication to duty is second to none. I am declaring today it’s Mulomi all the way to becoming the second Governor of Busia County.

H. E Mulomi possess good leadership skills that will be able to transform the county to greater heights on matters development.

He is a person of integrity, who dislikes violence but rather embraces peace and unity, a person who is not biased to any tribe and has a clean record.

I am ready to hand over the mantle and offer him any support needed; leaders should always stick together in order to deliver to their people.

I urge county residents to elect H .E Mulomi as the next county chief. I have known him to be a remarkable person, conversant with issues of management and a servant to all.

Some governors are facing baptism of fire either from their deputies or Members of the County Assembly. In Busia I have a good rapport with my deputy and MCAs, implementing projects amicably.” Said Ojaamong

Mulomi will face off with other aspirants led by former Funyula MP Paul Otuoma among other aspirants. It should be noted that Mulomi and Otuoma are luhyas and they may split votes and give a Teso aspirant a chance.

However, if Ojaamong will rally his Iteso community to back Mulomi, then it will be hard for Otuoma to win it. Other aspects in play include the party of choice with ODM being the popular one.

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