Meru Declaration: Mount Kenya leaders present 6 resolution to guide region

Mt Kenya leaders on Saturday made six resolutions they will use as a guide in the 2022 presidential election. They met at Kenya Methodist University, North Imenti in Meru county. Residents from various counties in Mt Kenya also attended.

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui read the resolutions titled ‘Meru declaration’ on behalf of the leaders.

In the the first resolution, they said the region with about nine million voters cannot afford to be confused and divided as it will trickle down to the whole country.

“When we get organised, the whole country gets organised, so our journey is for the benefit of everyone. We  had our first meeting in Nyeri and now we are in Meru. We we will be going to Laikipia so that we can unite the mountain,” Kinyanjui said.

In the second resolution Kinyanjui said the region’s economy ought to be looked into and especially youth employment. Agricultural products such as pyrethrum, milk, coffee, tea and other agricultural products need better prices.

“In the third resolution, we will consolidate our numbers and negotiate as a team, we shall not have North, South East or West,” Kinyanjui said in the statement.

In the fourth resolution they resolved residents of Mt Kenya who are in other regions they term the diaspora will be will be looked into as half of the population is split across the country.

“When we are negotiating political deals we will consider our people who are in those regions,” Kinyanjui said.
In the fifth resolution, he said President Uhuru Kenyatta and those who come after him should be respected and should not be abused.

“We respect President Uhuru Kenyatta. He is our kingpin and ought to be respected. And also other presidents who come after him should not be abused as the president is the symbol of national unity,” he said

In the last resolution Kinyanjui said there should be empowerment programs specifically empowering the youth.   
Leaders  present included Agricultuture CS Peter Munya, Governors Ann Kananu (Nairobi),  Anne Waiguru (Kirinyaga), James Nyoro (Kiambu), Nderitu Murithi (Laikipia),MPs Kanini Kega (Kieni) among others.

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