CS Wamalwa dismisses DP Ruto’s bottom-up approach economic model

Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa has dismissed Deputy President William Ruto’s bottom-up economic approach model.

Wamalwa said that the only way to go is to strengthen devolution which is already in line with the system he is trying to bring to Kenyans.

Wamalwa said the 2010 Constitution already brought the bottom-up system by introducing devolution which ensured resources are channeled to the grassroots and that those who said no to the 2010 constitution now want to start other models that will kill devolution.

Speaking at Dabaso in Kilifi County on Saturday during the burial of Devolution CAS Gideon Mung’aro’s uncle Japhet Mung’aro, Wamalwa said the vision 2030 agenda is the one that will change the politics of the country to issue-based instead of stories.

The CS said Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi who was present has been in the forefront in championing for devolution through the BBI initiative.

“The other day I heard new policies cropping up and am so happy because for the country to succeed in our vision 2030, the political pillar is the weakest pillar in the nation,” he said.

Wamalwa said his interest is to see a country moving with issue-based politics and people-centered where is the way the country is going. He said Ruto’s allies are talking about the bottom-up approach while ODM is advocating for rural economy reengineering.

“The rural economy reengineering is the politics we would like to hear in our country issue-based politics let us compete on issue based on how we can change the lives of our people,” he said.
He said the best policy was created by the 2010 constitution which came up with the devolution policy.

“There is no better bottom-up approach than devolution which allows funds to be disbursed to the grassroots money to come to Gede the people to sit and plan amongst themselves from the bottom so as to change the country right from the grassroots,” he said.
He urged those talking about the bottom-up to focus on strengthening devolution so as to transform lives.

Also, the present was governor Kingi, Senator Stewart Madzayo, Magarini MP Michael Kingi, Kilifi North MP Owen Baya, Nominated Senator Christine Zawadi, and Kilifi woman rep Getrude Mbeyu.

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