Health Care: NHIF to bar unregistered Kenyans from accessing government services

File photo: NHIF Staff doing biometric registration

The National Hospital Insurance Fund, NHIF has proposed to the government to lock out Kenyans who are not registered with NHIF from all government services.

According to NHIF the newly proposed rules seek every Kenyan above the 18 years old to compulsory register with the medical scheme.

The NHIF also wants membership to the fund be categorised alongside other State documents such as Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and Personal Identification Numbers (Pins) while seeking government services.

If the government implements the said proposal, Kenyans who are not registered with the medical scheme will be barred from accessing basic governments services.

This includes licensing and transfer of vehicles, registration of business entities and registration of land titles while not ruling out the approval of development plans for entrepreneurs.

The proposed rule will also have an impact on services such as supply of goods and services to any government institution, clearing and forwarding and financing of insurance policies.

Another proposed amendment tabled before parliament seeks to have NHIF receive additional funds from employers, who will be making matching contributions equal to what employees are liable to pay.

The amendment will also become mandatory for all Kenyan residents above 18 years to contribute to the fund.

A stipulated KSh500 will be expected to be paid monthly in an adjusted universal health coverage scheme for outpatient and inpatient services that will cover and not limited to cancer treatment, dialysis and cover expectant mothers.

According to NHIF CEO Peter Kamunyo the proposed changes will be introduced as a bill to the NHIF Act, which is set to be amended while awaiting the outcome of the proposed changes that are currently before Parliament.

The National Hospital Insurance Fund is a Kenya government state corporation with a mandate to provide health insurance to Kenyans.

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